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Shower Mats

Shower Mats
Perfect for on the go, the Anderson Teak Roll It and Go Indoor/Outdoor Shower Mat is a must have addition to your traveling essentials. This shower mat allows you to step out onto a clean surface no matter where the location. Its crafted of planation grade A teak wood in a natural finish. Use this m..
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Out with the old and in with the Anderson Teak Square Indoor/Outdoor Shower Mat. This durable shower mat is crafted of planation grade A teak wood in a natural finish. Its slat design allows water to drain through the cracks with ease. This shower mat is naturally resistant to water and insects maki..
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The Anderson Teak Wood Indoor/Outdoor Shower Mat makes a welcome addition to your bath or pool side. This simple shower mat is crafted of planation grade A teak wood in a natural finish. Its naturally resistant to water and insects and weathers down to a silver patina over time...
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Turn your bath or shower area into a five star spa with the Anji Mountain AMB0190 Bamboo Bath and Sauna Mat - 1.33 x 2 ft. Made from 100% bamboo, this must-have mat features a water-resistant surface and non-skid soft plastic feet that make this an ideal product for usage in bath, spa, sauna, or hot..
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The handcrafted Aqua Teak Grate Bath Mat is a lovely finishing touch to any bathroom or outdoor pool. Its eco-friendly, plantation harvested teak is resistant to water and mildew and includes anti-skid, slip-resistant rubber grips for enhanced stability. The grid design is perfect for water drainage..
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The all-natural Aqua Teak Slatted Bath Mat is a gorgeous and functional accent for your bathroom or outdoor pool area. This wooden mat is handcrafted from eco-friendly, sustainably harvested teak with slip-resistant rubber feet for added stability and open slats for water never pools on the surface...
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The ASTA Home Furnishing Spa Teak Rectangular Shower Mat is a must-have addition to your new modern bathroom. Its rectangular design features rounded corners and slatted top, ensuring a sure grip for your wet feet. The piece is made of solid teak with a natural brown finish. The mat is mounted on ru..
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Help prevent slipping and sliding from damp feet with the ASTA Home Furnishing Spa Teak Rounded Corner Shower Mat. This shower mat is made from solid teak with a rectangular rounded shape and slatted surface. Teak is naturally water-resistant, preventing it from warping, splintering, or swelling. No..
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The ASTA Home Furnishing Spa Teak Shower Mat helps you keep your feet firmly planted inside or outside of your shower. This mat is made from teak wood with a slatted surface, helping to prevent slipping on otherwise slick surfaces. Rubber non-skid feet keep the mat firmly in place. Teak is naturally..
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Outfit your casual or coastal bathroom with the ASTA Home Furnishing Spa Teak Square Shower Mat for a no-slip surface. This large mat has a square shape with rounded corners. Crafted from solid teak, the mat has a slatted surface that provides a sure grip for your wet feet. Non-slip rubber feet ensu..
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Contemporary styled, the Carnation Home Fashions Bubble Vinyl Stall Shower Mat will add a sleek touch to your shower space. This shower mat features water-resistant PVC construction and is outfitted with suction cups that help keep it securely in place. Choose from our available color options to enh..
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Outfit your shower with the Carnation Home Fashions Grass Vinyl Shower Mat. This versatile shower mat comes in a choice of available colors so you can pair it easily to your bathroom dcor. Multiple suction cups help keep it securely in place to help prevent slips or falls...
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